urbanschmurbanBack in my college days, I fed myself with a  Baltimore community garden plot and weekly trips to the city’s only year-round farmers market.  California called me back in 2000 and I gleefully relocated to my native Los Angeles.   Eating seasonally in L.A. doesn’t require doing without (year-round local  tomatoes, anyone?).  That constant abundance gave me plenty to research and eventually write about.   I started my first food blog, Tableau Vivante in 2006 as a way of sharing some of this superbly interesting (to me) info with my immediate family.  A few years of consistent weekly writing and photographing of farmers markets evolved into a regular farmers market column at the  LA Weekly in 2009.  Then I became one of the charter contributing writers for Edible Westside.  Since then, my images of farmers markets and local farmers have been used by the California Department of Agriculture, the California Small Farm Conference, seed companies, local restaurants, and myriad L.A. urban homesteaders, farmers, and foodcrafters.

I believe that that the road to a sustainable lifestyle is paved with top notch culinary skills, which significantly reduces waste and broadens food options. Walking the talk meant going to culinary school at Ecole de Cuisine and becoming a certified Master Food Preserver with the University of California Cooperative Extension, teaching safe home food preservation and basic food craft to communities throughout Los Angeles.  I also like cheese, goats, sheep, astronomy, bees and olive orchards and am often caught spending quality time with any one of those things on the weekends.  That or vineyard hopping.

The slow and steady conversion (emphasis on slow) of the Highland Park home I share with my partner Steve into a food craft laboratory and somewhat biodynamic homestead is a never ending dance with entropy, ecology, weather (more specifically, drought) and self.

Everything on urbanschmurban.com is Copyright 2011-2014, Felicia Friesema. All Rights Reserved.  Copying is the best form of flattery, but it’s never as good as the real thing.



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