Make Your Own: Cat Torture Device

Everything I needed to know I learned when doing crafts in kindergarten.


This literally was a case of what’s old is new. Steve and I were doing a New Year’s Day walk when I spied a pine cone. The rest was a sticky trip toward happiness.

Despite our zip code and being within easy walking distance of the 110 freeway, we also have access to some very pretty urban wildlife areas along the Arroyo. Right next to a horse barn where chickens roam (and mate, and lay eggs, and crow…) freely, is the entrance to a dirt horse trail and hiking path through a lightly-managed woodland. I found the pine cone as we exited the oaks and sage and knew immediately its future purpose.

This is not Homesteading 101. This is not even Intro to Homesteading. This is much more K-5 and not even very productive. I had peanut butter. I had nuts and seeds. Voila. A recipe for wildlife and a way for me to drive my dear Royo cray cray bananas.

I will admit that after a year of my own cray cray, pulling out the kitchen twine and making this sticky bad boy was extremely satisfying. We have the ability to attract myriad wildlife here and we have a glorious mix of migratory birdlife and both grey mountain and brown squirrels. I leave plant seed heads up as long as my sense of esthetics and/or laziness allows. But right now, there’s nada. A little peanut butter with nuts and seeds is just the thing.


But mostly, it’s just reinserting myself into the small patch of outdoors that we have under our control. Sure, I also weeded, amended, and planted up the arbor garden for some last minute winter harvests (see above — broccoli and kale on the right, seeded peas and sugar snaps on the left). But it was this three step process within a few square feet of kitchen space that made me nod in satisfaction. Tie a string. Paint with peanut butter. Roll in seeds and nuts. Done. And now all I have to do is wait for Royo to start a vigil. I hung it within view of his usual desk perch by our office window. Hee.

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