Ana at EcoFarm

This is Ana (she poses like this for every picture, I swear) at EcoFarm schmoozing with Urban Homesteading coauthor Rachel Kaplan.  As a farm coordinator for Oregon Tilth, Ana is required to attend such conferences.  Verily, I am envious.  However Ana will be posting about her week at the EcoFarm conference shortly, which I am sincerely looking forward to.

I interviewed Rachel’s coauthor, K. Ruby Blume, last year for an article I did on urban homestead trademark issue.  Her Institute for Urban Homesteading (IUH) up in Oakland, CA was one of many organizations that received a mild type of cease and desist letter from the trademarkers in question (who were also interviewed).

As you can see, their book is still called Urban Homesteading (there was some question about changing it during the height of the dispute) and they’re doing quite well working in tandem with other urban homesteaders to build community and educate people who want to live a more sustainable urban life.  Ana picked up a great deal from the urban homesteading panel (aside from just ‘plant milkweed‘) and it looks like we’re going to be reevaluating some of the projects we’re contemplating in the coming year.

Quail, anyone?



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